I love the sweet relationship between a mom and her son…  There is something so sweet and tender about it.

I love being the Momma of my little 3 year old boy.  We love on each other, we love to snuggle and take care of each other.  As I watch my son grow, I wonder (as many mothers do) if we will still have this closeness when he grows up?  I stand in awe of the fact that the Lord has entrusted my husband and I with the honor of raising a little boy.  We pray that he grows up to be a man who loves and pursues the Lord.  We pray for the tenderness and closeness of our relationship to remain and even increase… no matter how old he is.

I have been photographing Colton’s family (color image below) once a year since he was probably 10 years old.  I continue to admire the relationship he has with his Mom.  Even after so many years, they really do still seem like the best of friends.  Every time I see them together, he always has his arm around her.  So, I asked him what made his relationship with his mom so special?  But he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

So, I’ll pose the question to you… what is it?  What can parents do to nurture the closeness with our sons?  How can we cultivate a relationship with them so that they will feel safe in coming home and confiding in us, even as teenagers?  I desire to continue to study and know my son’s heart so that my husband and I can help guide him in the ways of the Lord,  so that one day he will be able to share his heart with his wife and truly be known by her.