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All I can say is, “wow”! We are humbled to be chosen as one of twenty photographers from across the nation to be included in Jacqueline Tobin’s new book, “Wedding Photography Unveiled: Inspiration and Insight from 20 Top Photographers.” Jacqueline has been the Deputy Editor of PDN Magazine for over 20 years, and truly understands the art and beauty of wedding photography. She reveals techniques, strategies and philosophies from the nation’s best for visually capturing the wedding day.

The publication includes a stunning collection of work from such well-known photographers as Mike Colon, Parker J. Pfister, Charles Maring, Jose Villa, Meg Smith, Elizabeth Messina, Christian Oth, Liz Banfield and many more. The book merges artistry with the practical tools necessary to equip budding photographers for the wedding industry as well as inspire seasoned ones. This PDN Pro Series book is in stores now and can be ordered at and Barnes & Noble bookstores.

A big “thank you” to Jacqueline for the time and dedication she put in to making this book! It is amazing! Thank you for choosing us to be a part of it!

CONTEST: We are giving away 2 books! One to someone who hopes to be married some day, is married, or has been married. The other will go to a photographer. How to enter:

1) Leave a short comment describing the most meaningful photograph that has ever been taken of you (can be you alone or you with a loved one).
2) Photographers: Leave a short comment describing the most meaningful photograph that you have ever taken.

The winners will be announced on our blog this Friday (March 27th). Check back then…

img_27252Cover photo: Jose Villa

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  1. Dot R. Warren Says:

    I am not surprised that the AMAZING Shannon Ho is in this book- I am only glad that the rest of America is catching onto what I knew years ago!

    The most meaningful photo I have ever recieved is a picture of my newborn son. My dear friend traveled 3-4 hours to come and document my new arrival in a way only she could, (as a AMAZING photographer and lover of elegant simplicity.) I have a 8×10 across from my bed, and look at it everyday when I wake up. I marvel at how fast my little one has grown… how his little fingers are now holding on to basketballs and how his little mouth is now saying funny and sassy things. And it all feels like yesterday! The beautiful photo documenting my new family reminds me of the sweetest time.

  2. Laura Says:

    Congrats! I can’t wait to see the book!!! I have two favorite photos! I LOVE the image that you took of us leaving the reception! we are so happy and in love and I can remember every detail about that very moment! I love it! Then another is from Sammy’s newborn/Jack’s two year shoot…you caught the sweetest little picture of Jack and Sammy looking at each other… I love it more and more every day because they are just little buddies!

  3. Liza Baker Says:

    This may seem ridiculous, but I have a photograph someone took of me during a Young Life “It’s Pat” skit (from the old SNL sketch). In this one moment, I somehow struck the exact same pose (wearing the exact same costume) as the original Pat character on the cover of “It’s Pat: The Movie.” When you hold the pictures side by side, unfortunatly, it’s truly uncanny the way we look exactly the same. It makes me laugh because it is such a picture of how life with Christ is such a blast. It’s not about me, but rather how fun the God of our dreams is. I’ll always hold on to that picture because it reminds me of this important Truth.

    Love you, my dear friend. You are a true artist!!!

  4. Stephanie Richardson Says:

    Shannon! It has been so long since I have seen you! Shawna just told me about your blog and since I am on the “hoping to be married” side I had to enter the contest!

    One of the most memorable pictures for me is at Shawna’s wedding you captured my sweet sister and I holding hands just before she walked the isle to become one with her husband. I love it not only because it is such a meaningful day in both our lives, but because it captures our relationship so beautifully. I will always treasure that moment…and thanks to you I have an image to remind me.

  5. kendall Says:

    So very exciting for you!! I can’t wait to see it.

    My most meaningful photo was taken by my mom when I was a newborn baby. My big sister, the oh-so-proud one, was holding me with a huge smile on her face. My favorite ever.

  6. Reload Photographics Says:

    My photo that conveys the most emotion to the most people is one without faces. Just 3 hands. Father, mother and baby’s held togather.
    Love the look of the book.
    Leigh – Perth Western Australia.

  7. April Says:

    The photograph that comes to my mind is one my husband took of me and my daughter soon after she was born. Hannah is resting on my shoulder and I am holding her in the hospital bed. I definitely don’t look the greatest :o), but it’s a peaceful picture that reminds of such a precious moment.

  8. Deannie Says:

    Mine, a black and white snapshot , taken by some family member, of my sister and i as we sat contemplating a daytime campfire on a creek bank in the Kansas Flint Hills. The surroundings,(a weeklong campsite occupied by myself and my siblings), represent an era that time would otherwise have forgotten. This photo carries the weight of my youth, so few photos were taken of us those teen years, as mom was ill and dad was overworked.

  9. Rebecca Says:

    I just picked up this book from my library – love it!

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