I must tell you how struck I was by this beautiful, new mom.  The first time I met her, she was on my doorstep at 9am with a homemade blackberry pie in hand (blackberries hand-picked at her family’s farm, First Fruits Berry Farm) and an 8 week old baby on her hip…. she had driven an hour for her newborn session and she had risen early that morning to bake the pie so that it was fresh.  I tried to figure out what time she must have risen in order to bake, feed her sweet baby, shower, drive an hour and be on my porch looking beautiful at 9am… hmmm.  Her kindness and generosity blessed me so much!  And, little did she know at the time, this pie was one of the few things that has helped my pregnancy nausea (surprise! we’re expecting!).  Thank you, Amy.

Don’t forget to plan your own little berry-picking day next July… they even provide delicious recipes!