Tomorrow marks three years since Javi left earth and entered eternity. We count it a privilege we were able to capture his smile.

Remembering him, Javier Santiago Restrepo January 11, 2005-July 31, 2009

Here’s a sweet video.

A nap can be nice… Can you squeeze one in this weekend?  It can refresh your soul and give you patience and energy so that you can continue to bless and serve these little ones that God has entrusted to us.  This is my little lovey, Cambelle Grace.

(By the way, did you know that there is National Napping Day on March 12th?  Be sure to tell your boss.)

We couldn’t resist posting TWO photos for Wordless Wednesday this week.  We hope you will post TWO words, one for daddy on the left and the one for cutie on the right.  Winning words get goodies! A big thank you to everyone who comments, we love it around here.

It was a special treat of mine to photograph Elizabeth and Campbell’s beautiful wedding.  The dress… the flowers…. little girls… the setting… just perfect.  We were given a sunny day and the majesty of Casady School grounds and Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club made for some elegant images.  Thank you, Elizabeth and Campbell, for choosing me to help record this memorable day.

Life is also like a box of chocolates-don’t forget that one either!  Enjoy.

Oh, if you only knew the depth of the story behind this photo…

Describe this image with one word and the winner gets a delightful little surprise in the mail from us.

Why is it when we were kids summer dragged on and now that’s all we long for?  Photographing the simple moments of summer should be priority so you can look back and know quality time was spent with quality people.  I hope you enjoy today and take some great pictures.

Creating beautiful photos inside your home:

  1. Instead of upgrading to a better camera, upgrade to a better lens.  For around-the-house shooting, a good, inexpensive lens is a 50mm f/1.8 (around $100 for Canon and Nikon versions).
  2. Try to use as much natural light as possible.  Turn off your flash and set your camera to use the widest aperture (the lowest f/stop number your lens will allow).
  3. Begin to notice the lighting in your home at different times of the day.
    – side light is beautiful, so set your kid(s) or subject next to a window
    ….make sure you see the light reflected in both eyes (i.e. a “catch  light”).
    – don’t put your subjects in “full sun” but instead find those spots where the sun bounces off of a wall or cabinet door.
  4. Setting up blocks, puzzles, or a reading picnic near a window will ensure happy kids and beautiful light for your photos. Also, if they need a little distracting you can always give them a lollipop.
  5. Don’t wear your kids out on photos.  Just take a couple of shots, then engage with them.  When they say “no more!” honor their request.

Post a word that describes this photo (hint: NOT the word “play”!) and if you are chosen there is a PRIZE involved!  Happy Wednesday to all….

It was a high honor of mine to be chosen for Jacqueline Tobin’s book, Wedding Photography Unveiled.  To celebrate the publishing of this book, we had dinner at The Park in New York City to thank Jacqueline for her hard work.  I have chosen some images from dinner that show the beautiful setting, the good time had by all and a small glimpse of the book.  Enjoy!

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