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I don’t shoot editorial much… wish I could do more b/c this one was so much fun!

This is the week to celebrate “bouquets of newly- sharpened pencils” (as Meg Ryan so perfectly puts it in “You’ve Got Mail”)… Take joy in the little details that the new school year brings!

This is so yummy that I am also posting the recipe. See below for deliciousness!  Let me know how it works out for you!

Warm Chocolate Soufflé Cake

14 oz. bittersweet chocolate  (Swiss or Semi-Sweet Belgian)

6T heavy cream

6 T unsalted butter + some to butter rings

5 large eggs separated and room temperature

½ tsp. vanilla

10 T sugar

¾ c. finely ground almonds

Powdered sugar to dust

  1. To make Ganache: Chop 2oz. of chocolate into small pieces.  Place in small bowl.  Pour cream into small saucepan and heat until bubbles form on edges.  Pour hot cream over chocolate, let stand several minutes, and then stir until smooth.  Pour into 6 squares of a plastic ice cube tray and freeze until solid. (Hint: Clear a spot in freezer that will hold a cookie sheet with all 6 rings on it.  This is easier to do before the soufflés are actually in the rings)
  2. Butter 6 3-inch metal baking rings and place on a parchment lined cookie sheet.  Set aside.
  3. Melt butter and remaining 6 oz. of chocolate in bowl over simmering water.  Stir until smooth, let cool slightly.
  4. Combine egg yolks, 6 T. sugar, and vanilla in large bowl.  Beat with electric mixer until thick and pale yellow, approx. 5-8 minutes.  Add chocolate butter mixture and thoroughly combine.  Fold in ground almonds.
  5. Beat remaining 4T sugar with the egg whites in smaller bowl until stiff (whites must be at room temperature). Fold into egg yolk chocolate mixture.  Spoon 3T mixture of batter into each buttered ring.  Remove ganache cubes from the freezer and place one cube of frozen chocolate into the center of the ring.  Spoon remaining batter between the rings and allow approximately ½ inch to the top of the ring.  Be careful to keep the frozen cube in the center or the ring and completely covered.  Freeze molds until solid for at least two hours.
  6. Heat oven to 375 and take baking sheet from freezer to oven.  Bake for 20-25 minutes and let cool for 5-10 minutes.
  7. To unmold, cover one hand with a clean dishtowel, pick up a spatula and lightly press the top of the cake through the ring.  Place cake on plate and dust with powdered sugar.
  8. These cakes can be frozen up to two months.  Wrap well.  You can bake them as you need them!

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It’s almost here… sad to say goodbye to the long summer days but excited that my little guy will be headed into Kindergarten with some amazing classmates.

I must admit, I am in love with paper, journals, colored Gelly Roll pens, etc…  So, when the lovely Whitney English came up with this brilliant “Day Designer” I was bubbling with excitement.

A perfect aid in “designing an intentional, balanced, well-lived life”. I love hearing her heart about this new creation.  Can’t wait to order mine…

Photos from:  http://blog.whitneyenglish.com/announcing-the-day-designer/

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A few lasting images from the beach-I spent some time with my toes between the sand myself this summer…lovely, just lovely.  I am embracing fall and looking forward to what’s ahead for our business and our lives.  So here’s a toast to the great summer of 2012!

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