I was so touched by this dad who made a special appointment for a session with just him and his daughter.  This is a such a powerful message to her: “You and I matter-we will always matter”.  Thanks to this dad who made a very special time for his girl.

I scream, You scream, we all scream for chocolate! Post a word that you think describes this image and if chosen as a winner you will hear from us!

I am humbled that God gave me the privilege to glimpse into the lives of families to record how deep their relationships run.  I loved the sweet interactions between this family, the kids together, and the parents as they shared one-on-one time with each child.  Thanks to all of the families who allow me to create art.  It makes my heart happy.

These are a few images from Talia’s session for her senior pictures.  Do you have senior this year?  Fall is a great time to take Senior Portraits.  Give us a call.  For Talia: I pray you have a bright, happy, and exciting future!

Post the best word to describe this image and you might,  just might be a winner from Shannon Ho Photography!  We love placing little treats in the mail for our friends! (aren’t these shoes just lovely?)

I had the joy of photographing this family last summer, and again this summer.  What a difference a year makes!  Not only has this puppy grown but this little boy has too.  What a special day to capture some timeless memories.  Thank you, Henrik, Michelle and Daniel.

I love how a Christmas card and photos can capture the road a family is walking during that particular year. This family is precious to me for many reasons.  And their road is marked by thankfulness and hearts that truly rejoice. We love to tailor the location and card design to truly fit each family.  Let us know your vision for holiday portraits so we can get a spot for you this year as our schedule is filling up.

Tell us a word to describe this photo and you could be the winner of our Wordless Wednesday contest!

The evenings are finally cooling off.  How wonderful!  So, here’s a fun activity to do outside with your kids after the sun goes down… painting with light!

Grab a flashlight or laser pointer. Put your camera on a tripod or set it on a table top outside. Set your camera to “M” which means “Manual”. Dial in these settings… if it doesn’t look right, you may need to make the exposure time longer or shorter:

Manual mode: f/8 for 30 seconds (not 1/30th of a second, but 30 full seconds).

ISO: 1250

You will probably have to manually focus on someone holding on a flashlight before you press the shutter. Once focused, press the shutter and you have 30 full seconds to “paint” with the flashlight. Twirl it around, write words, draw photos, or hold it up to your face and move around. Play with turning on and off the flashlight to separate out the letters, or to make the eyes on a happy face.

Have fun! AND send us your best shot to contact@shannonho.com-we want to see your beautiful light paintings!

Don’t you love hearing those words, “There is a baby on the way!”?  The anticipation of the new baby’s arrival is better than Christmas, Easter and Fourth of July all rolled into one.  I love this beautiful mama already holding her precious bundle.  Angelic.

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