It’s here again… Wordless Wednesday.  Leave a comment with one word that describes this photo.  The best word wins a fun “something” in the mail from us!  Looking forward to hearing from you!

I love weddings and all that goes into them… I love getting to know my brides and their families, their taste, their stories, etc… so that when I show up on their important day, I am more of a friend than just another person.  I adore capturing those precious looks between a bride and her groom.  Thank you to my clients who have trusted me to capture such an important day.

My little girl got a little too INTO our baking project.  What was I supposed to do?  I laughed and clicked and she laughed and played.  This is what I get for turning my back for a moment, and I am so glad I did.

Today is our “famous” Wordless Wednesday!  We hope you will take a moment to post a word that describes this photo to you.  We look at all the entries and we pick a winner.  Winners get treats!  Everyone here hopes you will post a word today.  It makes us happy.

I realized I never got around to posting these images.  Here’s the beautiful Karlee Wright….isn’t she lovely?  And, wow, what an amazing singing voice she has!

Another image, another chance to WIN!  Thank you to our friends who make such wonderful comments on our Wordless Wednesdays.  We hope you will join us by posting a word that describes this image to you and if your word is chosen you will hear from us~and a treat will be on the way from the studio to you!  Have fun, we always do…

It was a beautiful day to shoot a beautiful wedding with two beautiful people.  This image is timeless and I hope it is a treasure for the family for many years to come.

I spy Fall.

Fall must officially be here because I spy sweaters and jackets showing up around town.  I spy pumpkin patches, little girls in tights, and candy corn.  I spy the extra blankets on our beds and the extra snuggles on the couch.  Should I even mention the pumpkin lattes, butterscotch candles, apple butter muffins?  What speaks fall to you? I would love to know.

Do you have plans for your Christmas cards or have you booked a fall session yet?  We have some slots left and would love to have you join our Shannon Ho Photography family.  Give us a call at 573-6000 or email us at

Join our followers by posting a single word that you think describes this image.  We look at all the entries, we choose a word we love, and we send you a little gift in the mail.  It’s great hearing from you and we hope you continue to participate in our Wordless Wednesdays.  Have a wonderful day.

We love decorating our client’s homes with beautiful images.  I can’t wait to swing by this client’s house to see how these four images look hanging on their wall.

We have a good little process here at the studio… We make it a priority to consult with our clients prior to the session to hear their “vision” for how they might want to display these photos… Is it a Wall Collection of canvases, a Museum Album, etc….  Then, we choose the perfect session location and coordinate the clothing to compliment your home, photograph the session, and then create an exquisite piece of art that you will get to walk by and enjoy every single day.  Keep this in mind when you look around your house at your blank walls and shoot us a quick email or call to book a fall session before all the slots are filled.  Please e-mail or call 573-6000 to start filling your walls…

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