We present to you the sweetest little face to greet you this Monday.

Even though tomorrow is a huge day-Happy Thanksgiving everyone-we hope you will take a minute to comment on this amazing family photo.  Four little ladies, two adoring parents, that’s one family gathered!  By posting a word that best describes this photo you are entering a our Wordless Wednesday contest, one that has a prize if your word is chosen.  Take a second from your baking and cleaning and comment today.

I hope you enjoy the photos of this handsome little guy.  As you prepare for your holiday gathering later this week I hope you might take some time to shoot some family shots.  Go outside, gather the troops and enjoy the results.

Please take a minute to post a word that best describes this photo to you….we love to read your remarks and then we choose a winner for the week.  We love to send gifts in the mail and we reward the winners.  It could be YOU!

Sweet siblings.

Wordless Wednesday is a fun little contest we do each week!  Please think of a word that best describes the image below and leave the word in the comments section.  Our staff here will choose the best word and the winner will get a sweet treat from us!  Thanks for participating!

This wedding was on location at the lovely Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa.

I am so glad to be his momma.