We hope you will post a word that describes this photo to you and if your word happens to be chosen as our studio favorite, we will contact you and send you a present.  It’s such a great day to make a comment!

Is it Wednesday already?  This is your chance to put a stamp on today…post a single word that describes this image to you.  After we look at the submissions we choose a word we love and send you a message if you are the winner!  Then a present arrives in the mail for you, how great is that?

We hope by now you are a Wordless Wednesday pro, but just in case you are new to this fun challenge…please post a single word to describe this picture and if we choose your word as OUR FAVORITE WORD then you will be sent a gift in the mail from us.  We are excited to have you join us!

We hope you will take a moment to leave ONE word that best describes this lovely image.  If your word is chosen as our favorite we will contact you and send you a one of a kind treat.  Please comment and keep looking for Wordless Wednesdays!