It’s a happy day and we have chosen an image we hope will remind you of just that!  It’s Wordless Wednesday and if you will write a single word that best describes this image to you and post it….you  might be the winner of a yummy fall treat.  Come join the fun and enjoy today!

Today is Wordless Wednesday and we are so happy to share with you this week’s image.  We hope you will post a word that you think describes this to you and if your word is chosen we send you a treat in the mail!  We appreciate our faithful followers and hope you become one too!

Today we are featuring a beautiful, simple image in hopes you will post a single word that describes this to you. This is our weekly Wordless Wednesday post and we thank all of our friends and fans for stopping in and leaving us comments.

We hope everyone had a lovely holiday and that you enjoyed the extra time to relax.  Today’s image is another bridal portrait we could not pass up posting.  Write a word that describes this image to you and if your word is chosen you will receive a treat from our studio to wherever you are….this year we have sent treats to Canada and Germany! Thank you to our faithful fans and tell your friends about our weekly contest. Now just TRY to describe what you see below…