Fear.  When do we learn to fear?  Every morning, Cambelle jumps off the changing table into my arms.  She likes it when I don’t catch her right away – when I hesitate and let her feet sweep the floor.  When will she begin to fear the “jump” and the “what ifs”?  What is it in life that keeps us from jumping? And why would we ever NOT jump to the perfect and dependable Heavenly Father?  For He has never failed us – and He never will.

I’m excited about the upcoming Beautiful Art of Balance Workshop in April.  It has been a process of working through my fears, but yet listening to our Father’s voice in the midst and realizing that what He has given me to give away is more important than my fear.  I’m looking forward to all of our girls who will be with us and those yet to sign up… I have been praying for each one of you (truly).  I have been praying for all the details to work out beautifully as a confirmation that this is may be just the place He wants you to be for that weekend.  Praying for our time to be rich and deep and that we can work through those fears to allow us to hear Him more clearly.

So, my challenge for you is to jump. If you know the Lord is leading you towards a certain direction in your life, just jump.  There’s no one better to jump to. And He would never ever not be there to catch you.

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I had the joy of photographing this family last summer, and again this summer.  What a difference a year makes!  Not only has this puppy grown but this little boy has too.  What a special day to capture some timeless memories.  Thank you, Henrik, Michelle and Daniel.

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Tomorrow marks three years since Javi left earth and entered eternity. We count it a privilege we were able to capture his smile.

Remembering him, Javier Santiago Restrepo January 11, 2005-July 31, 2009

Here’s a sweet video.

We are buzzing around here with excitement about our trip to East Hampton this summer!  We are now scheduling photography sessions for families and children for late July / early August in East Hampton, NY and surrounding areas. We are also offering our wonderful “Day in the Life” sessions – my fave!  Please contact us soon to schedule a time (a couple of our slots have already been taken) or for more information email: contact@shannonho.com
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