We hope you will enjoy seeing this week’s choice for Wordless Wednesday.  Please post a word that describes this precious one to you and if we choose your word you will be our winner!  We will send you a gift in the mail to say thanks from us, and we hope you have a great Wednesday.

Let’s just put our weather-rough spring behind us and celebrate SUMMER with this great image.  Post a word that describes this photo to you and if your word is chosen as a winner we will send you a prize in the mail.  Go grab something cold to drink and relish the beginning of summer, we deserve a break! 

Today begins another Wordless Wednesday and we are so happy to present to you a duo, a precious baby and proud parents.  We hope you will leave a comment that you think best describes this image and if your word is chosen you will be our winner.  We love to send treats in the mail so we hope you join us in this Wordless Wednesday!

We present to you the sweetest little face to greet you this Monday.

Wordless Wednesday is a fun little contest we do each week!  Please think of a word that best describes the image below and leave the word in the comments section.  Our staff here will choose the best word and the winner will get a sweet treat from us!  Thanks for participating!

We love offering you Wordless Wednesdays!  Wordless Wednesday is a day of the week where WE are silent and give YOU a voice.  We post a single image and ask one simple thing: post a word that describes this image.  We love reading the responses and we choose a winner…the winner gets a prize too!  We thank our faithful followers and hope you will post a word today! Today should be easy with the handsome fella….

Post the best word to describe this image and you might,  just might be a winner from Shannon Ho Photography!  We love placing little treats in the mail for our friends! (aren’t these shoes just lovely?)

We couldn’t resist posting TWO photos for Wordless Wednesday this week.  We hope you will post TWO words, one for daddy on the left and the one for cutie on the right.  Winning words get goodies! A big thank you to everyone who comments, we love it around here.

It was such a gift to be able to photograph this beautiful family.  The tenderness of these two toward their child is evident.  This little guy has a loving future for sure!  We would love to photograph your newborn or baby in our new studio.  Please email us at contact@shannonho.com and we will be in touch quickly. 

I must tell you how struck I was by this beautiful, new mom.  The first time I met her, she was on my doorstep at 9am with a homemade blackberry pie in hand (blackberries hand-picked at her family’s farm, First Fruits Berry Farm) and an 8 week old baby on her hip…. she had driven an hour for her newborn session and she had risen early that morning to bake the pie so that it was fresh.  I tried to figure out what time she must have risen in order to bake, feed her sweet baby, shower, drive an hour and be on my porch looking beautiful at 9am… hmmm.  Her kindness and generosity blessed me so much!  And, little did she know at the time, this pie was one of the few things that has helped my pregnancy nausea (surprise! we’re expecting!).  Thank you, Amy.

Don’t forget to plan your own little berry-picking day next July… they even provide delicious recipes!

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