Fear.  When do we learn to fear?  Every morning, Cambelle jumps off the changing table into my arms.  She likes it when I don’t catch her right away – when I hesitate and let her feet sweep the floor.  When will she begin to fear the “jump” and the “what ifs”?  What is it in life that keeps us from jumping? And why would we ever NOT jump to the perfect and dependable Heavenly Father?  For He has never failed us – and He never will.

I’m excited about the upcoming Beautiful Art of Balance Workshop in April.  It has been a process of working through my fears, but yet listening to our Father’s voice in the midst and realizing that what He has given me to give away is more important than my fear.  I’m looking forward to all of our girls who will be with us and those yet to sign up… I have been praying for each one of you (truly).  I have been praying for all the details to work out beautifully as a confirmation that this is may be just the place He wants you to be for that weekend.  Praying for our time to be rich and deep and that we can work through those fears to allow us to hear Him more clearly.

So, my challenge for you is to jump. If you know the Lord is leading you towards a certain direction in your life, just jump.  There’s no one better to jump to. And He would never ever not be there to catch you.

This workshop has been stirring in my heart for years and it has finally come to fruition.  “The Beautiful Art of Balance” is a workshop and retreat designed for the photographer who longs to hear the voice of the Lord and seek His vision on how He might want to balance your career and life.  I’m excited to share how I carefully see and enhance natural light as I shoot images, share practical steps of running a successful home-based studio and how your business is actually a doorway to reveal the heart of the Father. We will also have three other amazing contributors:  Whitney English, Ashley Ann from “Under the Sycamore”, and Alissa Mazzenga from Feast Fine Art & Calligraphy.  We are so excited for everyone to learn more about it! And for those who want to join us… we can’t wait to meet you!

Registration for 12 limited spaces is now open to my blog, Facebook and Instagram followers and will open to the public TODAY – Monday, Jan. 20 at 1pm CST. Click over to the website to find out more info!

And, I also want to thank those of you who allowed me to take a sabbatical year of 2013 (more on that later)… my co-workers, clients, friends, family, etc… you know who you are.  By allowing me to step away for a bit, it allowed this experience to come to life.  Thank you…

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It’s “Wordless Wednesday” here at the studio! Choose one word for this photo and the best word will win a fun little prize from our studio! Happy Fall everyone!

Happy Wednesday to everyone!  Thank you for your support and hearing that you like what we do just makes us blush!  We hope you will post a word today that describes this image to you.  If your word is chosen we will let you know and send you a treat in the mail.  Keep up the good posting!

Wordless Wednesday is here and we hope you like the image chosen for today.  It is fully Fall around here and we hardly need a reminder of just how beautiful it is this time of year.  This engagement session was a very special one, it’s beautiful to follow this young couple in their life.  Post a word that best describes this image to you and if your word is chosen as our winner we will send you a treat in the mail.

Thank you for all the support we have for Wordless Wednesday!  If you would like to join in on the fun you can choose a word that best describes this picture to you, post the word, and if you are the winner we will send you something in the mail.  It’s so great to hear from our fans week to week and this image is a lovely one to describe….

We love the middle of the week, we love our weekly post called Wordless Wednesday and we love our friends who post!  Post a word that best describes this image to you and if you are our week’s winner we will send you a small gift in the mail.  Thanks for coming by the blog!

It’s officially feeling like fall around here…we so love the changing leaves, the crisp air, the sound of cheering football fans on Saturdays!  It’s also a great day to enjoy our Wordless Wednesday entry.  Please post a descriptive word about this image, and if your word is chosen as our favorite we will send you a treat in the mail.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to our weekly blog entry we call “Wordless Wednesday”.  We post a picture, ask you to post a word that best describes this image to you, and then our favorite word gets a treat in the mail.  It’s simple, it’s fun, and it has rewards!  Happy Wednesday to everyone.

It’s a happy day and we have chosen an image we hope will remind you of just that!  It’s Wordless Wednesday and if you will write a single word that best describes this image to you and post it….you  might be the winner of a yummy fall treat.  Come join the fun and enjoy today!

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