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I adore Shannon. I love that she takes the time to love her customers, takes the time to get the shots that mean a great deal to her customers. She listens to me, and works hard, always spending the time it takes to get everything JUST. PERFECT. Shannon is the pre-eminate wedding and portraiture photographer in Oklahoma, and I'm blessed to be able to call her a friend.
-Whitney English

To describe Shannon Ho in a short quote is impossible.

My dad explains it best when he said "it is impossible to not smile when she is the one photographing you."

She has been photographing my family for over 7 years and I cherish the photos she has captured for me. When I got engaged, I set the wedding date around when she could shoot our wedding.

Every important moment and milestone in our lives, she has documented with her photographs. Pictures for my terminally ill mother, my wedding, our daughters' newborn portraits and our annual family pictures. She is the only one I would trust to do the job.

She is a humble, loving, talented and classic. I have been blessed by her and her family and her photographs. She has given our family a way to journal all of our years and I will always love looking around at the photographs on our walls.

The Cryer Family loves our Shannon!! :)