Shannon fell in love with the darkroom in the eighth grade and pursued the art ever since.  She graduated from Baylor University with a BFA in Photography in 2000, and opened her own photography studio in 2002. She was recently hand-picked as one of the nation’s top twenty wedding photographers and featured in Jacqueline Tobin’s book, “Wedding Photography Unveiled,” alongside Elizabeth Messina and Jose Villa.

A note from Shannon…
“The Lord inspired me to begin a journal in 2009.  It was a different journal…one that spoke specifically of the fine balance of work and family and what the Lord was showing me during my journey.  He gave me a title…“The Beautiful Art of Balance.” I wasn’t sure what the title was for, but I wrote it down and continued on.  A year or so later, I noticed a small seed that had emerged…a desire to host a workshop to help and encourage women from all I had experienced as a wife, mother, friend, believer, and business woman. But I’m not a public speaker…I am an introvert who loves one-on-one time, and a girl who couldn’t imagine speaking in front of more than a few people.  Yet, the Holy Spirit kept pressing.  And just as He gave Moses words when He felt inadequate, so I feel He has given me; a message that my heart is bubbling over to share.  Join me and a small handful of 12 more women.  I can’t wait to meet you and get to know your heart.”


Passionate from a young age about paper and all things beautifully designed, Whitney English launched her stationery brand in 2002. Her business grew to be one of the top stationery companies in the nation, but in 2012 she decided to close the booming wholesale stationery business to focus full time on making a difference in the lives of her husband and three kids, and other creative entrepreneurs.  She now successfully mentors her entrepreneurial clients with the new launch of “Authenticate” – a way for each of her participants to seek out authenticity, purpose and vision for their business and how that should accurately be communicated through their brand.  Whitney has been praised in The Wall Street Journal, “Oprah,” “The Today Show” and many others…


Ashley Ann Campbell is a crafty and creative momma of five who chose to set down her photography career that was full of weddings, families and high-school seniors in order to create a better balance for her family.  Now, her intentional work hours are split between two fantastic endeavors.  First, by writing her popular blog, “Under the Sycamore”,  she documents her own family – seeking out and capturing God’s beauty in her everyday busyness so she can remember the young years. And, secondly, through hosting her online SnapShop Photography Workshops, where she teaches and helps others understand their cameras.  These workshops were born out of her desire to enable others not only to grasp the basics of photography with a dslr camera, but also learn how to capture the beauty in their every-days.



Feast Fine Art & Calligraphy is the work of Chicago-based artist Alissa Mazzenga. Trained as a fine artist, Alissa blends calligraphic, illustrative, and other fine art techniques. Her hand-sculpted letterforms emanate a powerful, yet delicate presence. Their magic resides in the ethereal movement of fluid wisps of ink, forming soft arched lines and design that stand alone. In a world of mass-production, Alissa’s hand drawn words are treasured by their viewer.

Alissa will be teaching a calligraphy class for the workshop participants – what a wonderful way to be refreshed!

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